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knit_me_baby's Journal

Rose City Stich 'n Bitch
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Just beginning? Need help? Experienced knitter with ideas?
All skill levels are welcome here.

We are a community dedicated to a craft which at one point was for old women alone, and has now made it's way down to the younger generations. At least in Portland, knitting is not lame, in fact, it's hip, and if you don't know it, you're hanging out with the wrong people. But do not fear! Stich 'n bitch is here to allow for the hip knitter in everyone to surface.

Feel free to let us know about your current projects, show of pictures of anything you're proud of, give ideas for knitting projects of any skill level, or just ask for help.

Pictures are always good, but if you are posting more than three, please use an LJ cut.

This is a friendly drama-free community.

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