64 good reasons for giving up hope (michaelallroy) wrote in knit_me_baby,
64 good reasons for giving up hope

help me xmas shop for my baby sis!

i just moved to portland from chicago (and that marks the second time this morning that i've joined a community and opened my first post that way), but i'm not sure how relevant my location is, since i know nothing about knitting.

my little sister wants to get into knitting, apparently - when i asked her for xmas present ideas, she said "i want a cool knitting book with patterns for beginner-ish types, and also cool yarn (i bet portland has cool yarn stores!!)".

so, what of it, portland? have ye "cool yarn stores", and would any of you care to direct me to one? since i wouldn't have a prayer of knowing the hip yarn from the old lady yarn, i don't really trust myself to just google "yarn store portland" and hope that the person working there steers me in the right direction. i do have online-only friends that are waist-deep in the knitting scene, so sis might just end up with a gift card to a cool online yarn store. but i think she feels gift cards are a bit impersonal.

thanks for any help, and here's hoping this community is actually alive!
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